Hello I still get very angry at the fact my wife had an em

I still get very angry at the fact my wife had an emotional affair for Six months last year and had planned to meet up and have sex with the man. (Graphic chats and photos)
I don’t think I am going to ever getting over it.
I know he has started texting her again but she doesn’t reply to him , yet she has never told me he is texting her , which of course was the deal with us getting back together.
Anyway I have decided to leave her for good this time , is it valid to still use the affair as one of the reasons why after a year?
I feel like I should’ve got over it by now.

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I recommend for you should focus on her current behaviours. If you are together 1 year later the affair is already part of your journey together. The advantage of focussing on now is that you are looking in the present that can still be influenced. The affair back then on the other hand cannot be changed. I wish you much strength and courage


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