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Hello guys my husband cheated on me for the first time sexua

Hello guys my husband cheated on me for the first time sexually almost 5 months ago. We talked it out go counseling and he swore he used a condom on the gurl and they both said it was one time . then she found out about me long story short im at work she walks in with a belly it didnt look big enough to be his but the fact that shes pregnant is driving me crazy idk what to advice please when i told my husband he stood his ground that that wasnt his baby and he used a condom

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Mar 14

@Kas1966. Im not saying she came in there to seek me out thats just where i seen her at

Mar 14

@Undecidedt34me well it does sound like it's not your husband's going by the timeline

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Mar 14

Sorry to hear what you are going thru. Cheating is bad enough but adding a pregnancy into the mix makes it so much harder. Especially if you don’t know if he’s the father or not. I’d feel the same way. Not knowing these crucial details is horrible... Hopefully it’s not his so you can heal with one less thing to worry about. Did she only come in the one time or is she coming in repeatedly?
Hope I wasn’t coming across as disrespectful towards you with my previous comment as it was not directed at you in any way. I wish the ow in my case or anyone else who knew my h was cheating would’ve told me. They all stood back and told him not to tell me while she sexted him 24/7 and convinced him to leave me and the kids while we were sleeping to screw him.


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