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Hello Everyone, This is my first time even considering some

Hello Everyone,
This is my first time even considering something like this but I'd like to break the cycle I've been putting my wife through. I haven't been unfaithful, but I've been texting female friends behind her back and she has seen my messages. Like I said, all innocent messages but I'd love to hear what you all suggest because I don't want to continue this cycle of hurting her the way I have. I just want to be turned around from trying to do sneaky things. Thank you all

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beth65's picture
Oct 18

Something that has nagged at me about this whole conversation is that we are all talking like cheating is only when you cross a certain line. You don't have to have sex to cheat. Going out on a date is cheating. Having secret conversations and doing things in secret is still cheating. Betrayal is betrayal. Turning towards others when you already have the best person to turn toward standing next to you who is willing to be by your side through sickness and poor and is willing to have the most amazing connection with you, and whom you already have a bond with, all for superficial approval with someone who is willing to let you break your vows and is willing to let another woman be hurt in the worst way. Maybe that real connection is too intense for some people.

Oct 18

@Barb4514 I agree with you..unfortunately people do have different thinking on where you draw the line..my ex husband actually said that it was okay to look at other women ( while I was sitting right next to him) because 99% of men do it, he said those guys just do it better than him and don’t get caught...so , one day just recently while in a restaurant I watched three different guys with women next to them..a very attractive chick walks in...not a one of them turned their heads.....hmmmm...go figure!

Ana08's picture
Oct 18

@Steven84 sounds like you need counseling. You know what you are doing is wrong. You break the cycle with action, not words. These are just words on a page.


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