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Hello everyone. So I'm really in a dark place right now and

Hello everyone. So I'm really in a dark place right now and i feel so alone. Ive been married going on 11 years and just had our first baby 2 months ago. My husband started acting out towards the end of my pregnancy saying he wasn't sure how he felt about me and would go out alone, leaving me at home alone. It's been like this from the last month of my pregnancy til a week ago. I found out the other day that he had a whole other relationship that started the last month of my pregnancy, and just recently ended because he finally felt guilt and realized he still loves me.

Where do i go from here? This should be ther happiest time of my life and its the worse...i feel like I'm not worthy of love or commitment... and this all coming from the guy who was the most afraid of being cheated on while he was deployed all those years back. My husband, my best friend has ruined me. He broke me and has stolen my joy during my babys first holidays.

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Dec 7

@Movingforward270918 wow thats intense. Im sorry that you had to live thru that. You do sound very strong and i hope to get there.

Dec 8

@Romer Personally, I don't think its about "fooling yourself." I think its about searching for the truth. Anything worth dedicating your life to is also worthy of serious scrutiny. Its ok to have questions and to be open-minded about the answers. I feel much more at peace and empowered after re-examining and realigning my beliefs. I wish you the best.


@Brokenmomma thank you. Obviously everyone’s situation is different but to show some positive my h and I are getting through it as a unit something we’ve not been in a long time. I’ve not forgiven him yet and I will never forget he knows he’s lost a bit of me forever but he’s fighting every day. X


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