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Hello, also new here. I just wanted to share my story and ho

Hello, also new here. I just wanted to share my story and hopefully get some good feedback. Found out my wife was cheating on me just about 3 months ago now. She has denied it after I asked her about a picture I found and we haven't had the real talk just yet. I have more than enough proof at this point that she cannot deny anything. I don't understand how she can think that I don't know anything at this point, she has gotten better about covering her tracks since we have had mini conversations of trying to get the truth. We have been married five years and together for seven. The affair has been going on for eight months now. I am curious to know how to best be prepared for this terribly uncomfortable and life changing talk. I have read and read about how to approach this, but would also like to hear other people's experiences and any advice that you all have to offer in this difficult time. Thank you!

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Dec 5

I found out in July. Hard evidence. She still denied. It wasn’t until I found a memo she wrote on her iPad in November that she finally admitted it. But still wasn’t truthful. She still has never told me everything.

Dec 6

So SO sorry to hear about the infidelity trauma that was placed upon you by your discovery. Finding out your spouse is cheating is the start of an emotional roller coaster ride that will forever change your life and your relationship. It will take a very long time to put it all into perspective and it will NEVER be fully understood. The cheater will try and justify it in many many ways but most often, if not always, its their personality that makes them cheaters and will be very hard to change that behavior. I recommend speaking to others who have been through what you are going through, don't listen to ones (friends and family) that just want to talk and try and help, usually makes it worse, even counselors!!. One thing you need to always remember, YOU DID NOTHING WRONG TO DESERVE THIS, NOTHING! So sorry once again, totally sucks!

Dec 7

@Barb4514 I didn’t reply, but thought the book was great. I am sorry we’re all here and are going through these unimaginable scenarios. This site has been great for support and knowing we’re not alone. I am very thankful for that.


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