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Found out my wife had an affair with my neighbour! We have c

Found out my wife had an affair with my neighbour! We have children so I want to move past this and make it work but with him living next door it's a constant reminder. How can I ever come to terms with it?
Every time I see him it just sets me back to square one. It feels like torture. Help please guys!

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Oct 15

@Kas1966 yeah it's a bit ridiculous she pursued my husband and told him all kinds of lies about me. I have the proof that she started it all but of course she blamed it all on my husband and even though I showed the proof to my uncle he believes her. So I don't have nothing to do with him either

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Oct 15

@Trippe09 I don't blame you. Some people are so blind

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Oct 17

Understandable... but your children are most likely going to notice something is wrong anyways if you are dealing with this trigger constantly... they pick up on this stuff whether we believe it or not. I def wouldn't do anything when they're around. There is no way I could live beside someone who was with my spouse intimately, I'd be putting up the for sale sign in their yard myself.


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