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For those who reconciled, when did it feel normal again? Is

For those who reconciled, when did it feel normal again? Is there such a thing anymore?

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Dec 7

I don’t think it ever feels normal. For me anyway there is a heightened awareness of all of my emotions. Bored, anxious, happy. I’m rarely content to just be when I am with him. It is too bad, really, because I believe my husband is sorry and only wants us to be happy and enjoy each other and I am a constant stress case.

Dec 7

@Torch1976 True!

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Dec 7

This is what I am most dealing with now - the grief over what was lost between us. Like many of you, I felt we had a really good marriage. Nothing and no one is perfect, but I was really happy and thought he was too. In some ways it would be easier for me if we had had problems and now he was changing and things were better. He is changing, but it is in response to the affair, so it’s not like I can look at our relationship now as better than it was. It is better than when he was cheating, sure, but I didn’t know he was cheating, so.... I love him and I believe he loves me, but it still feels as though I’m settling for a marriage that is less than what I thought I had. It sometimes overwhelms me with grief.


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