For those of you who have asked for your partners passwords,

For those of you who have asked for your partners passwords, how did it go? Did he/she resist? Did he/she kick up a fuss? How did you ask for it?

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Feb 17, 2017

My H gave me most of his passwords at first but refused to give his credit card passwords. But within a month he decided that giving me access to all that gave him to much anxiety so he changed all his passwords and locked me out of his phone again. I am certain he is still hiding things and now we are divorcing.

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Feb 17, 2017

Funny thing... I always had access to my wife's phone/passwords. I trusted my wife whole-heartedly. Then, one night, I picked up my wife's phone because it was in our bed and for now reason, typed in her password and I saw the affair fight before my eyes. I hadn't been suspecting anything. I hadn't touched her phone since she bought it. Yet something made me key in her PW that night.

I will say this: whether there's an affair going on or not, spouses should have complete access to each other's devices.

Feb 17, 2017

Separated.. But I offered her Everything all passwords, already changed all bank and credit notifications to her email but she still hasn't taken the passwords. If the betrayer really wants to work things out they will do anything and be grateful you are willing to TRY to reconcile.


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