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Does anyone know If there are local supports groups? I love

Does anyone know If there are local supports groups? I love this group but feel very oscillated.Im in Oklahoma City.

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Jun 29

I don’t know about any local groups as I am in a different part of the USA. I originally felt the same way, and felt very isolated and wanted a local support group. But there weren’t any in my area. But we are all here to support you on this feed Through posts or through private messages. I’m always happy to listen and share my stories with you if it is helpful for you to talk, but feel like you don’t have anyone to talk to. As I’m sure there are many others on here who would do the same for you. Please don’t feel isolated! Just reach out to any of us. Unfortunately, we are all on here for the same reason.

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Jul 4

There is a group called BAN there may be one in your area


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