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November 19th, 2020


Does anyone else feel like revenge on the OW is really the a

Does anyone else feel like revenge on the OW is really the answer? I’m pretty convinced it would make me feel better. 4 years later I feel no different on that topic than I did on day 1. Everyone said I would be sorry If I did, I am only sorry I restrained myself. I wouldn’t do anything that would get me attested but man this is a time when I wish I had an uncle like Tony Sporano. I know it is equally my husbands fault if not more but I want her to pay. Am I the only one who feels this way?

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Feb 17

@HurtingHeart19 There was a while where I felt like I was the problem. I thought wow he really did change for her. He's happy with her. I wasn't enough. And it wasn't him posting on social media it was her. She flaunted their relationship within a month of being with him. Also knowing and not caring that she was the other woman. He doesn't use social media. She posted my boys on a public platform. She knew I was looking that's why she boasted about my stbxh. Anyway I found out first hand that he hasn't changed one bit in the 3 years they've been together. That's the thing he's a Covert Narcissist. His mask will slip one day. And that will not be my problem. They've already had a bunch of drama through the years and recently. So much so that she somehow feels I'm the root of it. Believe me I'd like nothing more than to kick her arse.. lol. Unfortunately I know she's scared of me and will call the cops. So I guess life will be the one kicking her in the arse. She's not worth doing time. As for my stbxh the day he came for his belongings, I was the one that packed his bags the night before. I made sure to cut all of his clothes up. All of them including underwear. And then I packed it neatly for him. Lol

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Mar 2

@Kas1966 Why did I just read this...oh my gosh yes. I support this sentiment completely.

Mar 2

@Rainbow_Brite Well SAID.


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