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Dear all I found out that my wife of 24 years with 3 boys (


Dear all
I found out that my wife of 24 years with 3 boys (22, 11, and 7) cheated on me with a 24year old man. I had to cut overseas trip short. I am on my way there now. Will arrive at 10pm. I need some advice how to handle this. I am a kind man and I do not wish to be unjust or unfair. Thanks. Kenner

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Kas1966's picture
Aug 27

@Kenner yep either decision is not going to be a easy one. I had to take a over the counter sleeping aid to help sleep. I will tell you your mental health affects your physical health so try to be good to yourself.

Aug 27

Try to work on your marriage to see if it can survive.

devastatedinptbo's picture
Aug 27

@Kenner I agree with Kas1966, you don’t have to rush into any reconcile-divorce decisions. Just work on dealing with the immediate trauma for a while. Make looking after yourself and your kids the priority. The worst has happened, and even if you do immediately divorce, you are still going to deal with the same emotions. Get your head together for a while, do lots of reading on infidelity and relationships, come here often and seek advice, maybe eventually get some professional help, so that eventually you can make a well thought out decision that is best for you.


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