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Cyber Cheating! Is it killing you like it does me.? ..what i

Cyber Cheating! Is it killing you like it does me.? ..what if its just talk, photo exchange, sexting, not physical (yet) is it really cheating? thoughts anyone..i feel ike i am the only one talking about this in my mind

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Kas1966's picture
Oct 12

@Fooled nailed it

GorgeousNightmare's picture
Oct 16

My hubby watches porn and the only thing that's different between a prostitute and porn is the one allows you to hide behind a screen. So no, you are not alone in that mind set. I feel the same, they are cheating, whether it's physical or mental, it feels the same. A lot of people tell me that men are visual creatures and that as long as it's not physical it's mot cheating, but that's a load of bs. Hang tight, we'll support each other

Corvette's picture
Oct 16

Blessings. I hope your heart is healing.


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