Cyber Cheating! Is it killing you like it does me.? ..what i

Cyber Cheating! Is it killing you like it does me.? ..what if its just talk, photo exchange, sexting, not physical (yet) is it really cheating? thoughts anyone..i feel ike i am the only one talking about this in my mind

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Oct 16

My hubby watches porn and the only thing that's different between a prostitute and porn is the one allows you to hide behind a screen. So no, you are not alone in that mind set. I feel the same, they are cheating, whether it's physical or mental, it feels the same. A lot of people tell me that men are visual creatures and that as long as it's not physical it's mot cheating, but that's a load of bs. Hang tight, we'll support each other

Oct 16


By strict definition, porn is not adultery. Adultery requires the physical contact of the persons involved. Infidelity is a broader term, it includes all sexual behavior outside of the marriage. Cheating is also a broad term and would be inclusive of all forms of infidelity. Different people have different opinions on what is cheating and not, but I would argue that has more to their level of tolerance for cheating. Now, if the act has been agreed to as acceptable, that is different. But, agreed to or not, there are always negative consequences for all infidelity. If a couple wants to keep their marriage sacred, then infidelity most be removed from the picture.

Personally, I view the difference as a difference in damaging consequences, but all sin has consequences. I do view adultery on a much greater scale of damage, mostly do to science. What many don't know is that during intercourse with a person, your brain actually changes to mirror the other person to a degree. Once a person commits adultery, the mirroring that occurred between you and your spouse is damaged in ways that we can't understand. i believe this damage is permanent.

I was lie to for 7.5 years about my wife's adultery, but looking back, I can say that night changed our relationship in a negative way that has never been repaired. It didn't matter that I didn't know. There was a change. Something was broken and never repaired. Once I learned of her adultery, the further betrayal of the lie that lasted half our marriage ripped into that brokenness making the scar ever deeper.

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Oct 16

Blessings. I hope your heart is healing.


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