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Confused, angry, want revenge

Confused, angry, want revenge

Aug 13

I wanted to say many things, hurtful things, to my ex, but i never really did. I would go through the things that i think i should have said to her over and over again in my head everyday. I dont know why i never did. I know i should have becuase she deserved every last word of it. I could never have sacrificed my own principles to get revenge on her though. I still think about it till this day, and i still plan to do something bad to her like ruin her life like she did mine. My mind has been like a tornado of negative thoughts. I dont really have an exact answer, but may be you can get some answers from my reply.

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Aug 13

@aberdeendreams Just know that those repetitive, obsessive thought cycles are normal. They suck, but my therapist said it’s all part of your brain processing the trauma and figuring out how to accept it as reality. However, it is also easy for such thought processes to also become a habit for your brain, so when you find yourself going down this “rabbit hole “, change up what you are doing in the moment. Sometimes writing these thoughts out on paper Orin an email to yourself can get it temporarily out of your head. Sometimes reading a book or going to the gym helps me switch it off. Sometimes just a few minutes of deep breathing, focusing your thoughts on the feel of your breath can get it under control.


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