Ashamed, disappointed, stupid, I messed up the best thing in

Ashamed, disappointed, stupid, I messed up the best thing in my life and crossed the line that we both agreed we never would. I stepped out and had actions with her daughters husband. Things that should have NEVER happened and now that they are out we are DONE and I don’t think I will ever have my wife back again.. I don’t deserve her and that’s my stupidity.

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Jan 24

the situation of the cheat,, i say because the person that it was with was always around when me and my SO was on mad terms or they was always there kinda making me feel seen when my partner didnt.. I knew that it was a bad thing from the jump i guess just the night of the persons bday they had to much to drink and was speaking out of character while i drove them home.. I kept saying no but after a while felt like i had to do a little something in order to keep the person in my corner but now i know that i shouldnt have had to do anything they should have just wanted to be there for me without any strings.

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Jan 28

@AnonymousJan Sounds like you have gained some good insight into your motivations and the motivations of your affair partner. Hopefully this will help you move forward with healthier relationships going forward.

Jan 28

@AnonymousJan I understand. Theses kinds of things happen unfortunately. All you can do is learn from it. There's a lot of sick people out there willing and waiting for opportunities to get something any way they can then walk away leaving you there like trash, ( not that any of us are trash) but that's what they do.


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