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Am I the only one who 10 times a day you think that your sig

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Am I the only one who 10 times a day you think that your significant other is still talking to the other person and they’re laughing behind your back about how dumb you are to believe them?

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Sep 25

Talk to your probation officer about the situation. Let them know that your husband has put you in a bad situation and it might trigger you to use again. Often times they have safe places people in your situation can go to. You may not see it, but your husband refusing to remove her number and rubbing it in that you have no place to go are signs of an abuser. His showing no remorse now is an indicator that he never will. Break away from this.

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Sep 26

Mindy78 I hope you found a way to leave.

Sep 27

Dear Mindy78, I think we all think about this, but have you talked to him about it?? Are you all in IC or MC? I know for me and my husband that really helped to get to the bottom of all that happened before the affair and how to deal with all that happened after it as well. It is so important that you take the time to deal with all of this. I know that me and my husband would not have been able to reconcile, and forgive, and learn to have open and honest communication without prayer and our Christian Counselor. Praying for peace for you!


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