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November 19th, 2020


After three years of living apart in 2 different states, my

After three years of living apart in 2 different states, my estranged H moved in with us this week. Initially he was a **** but now he’s behaving much better. I have gotten used to life without him. Once I find employment, I’ve planned to file. But now I wish for some sign that he wants us back. It’s so much better parenting our 4 kids together. He’s now had 2 affairs on me. One was with our live in nanny and the other was with a coworker. He’s purchased 4 motorcycles. He’s dyed his hair and is wearing colored underwear. Part of me wants to be close again but part finds him repulsive. He is 50 and his APs have been in their 20s. He says age is just a number and I think it’s disgusting to be with someone old enough to be our child.

So why am I looking for something that says he wants to be close to me again? I’m such a loser.

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Nov 20

@SadInChicago89 You have come so far without him. You are so strong. He is weak. Christ would want you to continue to grow your strength. Sounds like your H might be taking advantage of your Christian faith.

Nov 21

I have struggled with this too. From the outside looking in, I can say that I agree with Johnny and you should not take his a$$ back. The infidelity is the reason, and his lack of ownership shows that it will not ever get better. It’s super hard, but you can do this. Be prayerful and positive. Focus on gratitude... there are always things to be grateful for, and it can literally change your brain and your life.

Nov 23

@SadInChicago89 I left because I did not want to be with a person who is not loyal to me. No one can tell you what to do. He had two affairs, not worth it.


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