After I left my husband I stopped caring about the other wom

After I left my husband I stopped caring about the other woman, she didn’t matter because my I lost the love of my life and our problems were so much bigger than her. I knew she didn’t matter to my husband, his counselor even told me that he didn’t care about her, she didn’t think he even respected her. I know he loves me and I can rationalize things but today I kept getting mad thinking about him talking to her, her asking him to lie to me and meet her, the pictures he sent and so forth. We aren’t together and I can’t control what he does but I wish that woman would go away.

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Feb 10

@Scat it can be very frustrating and confusing. We are getting along better now than we have in years. I just have to remember he’s probably stressed but that doesn’t always make things less hurtful. One day he tells me he loves when I tell him loving things the next he says not to, that chapter is over. Most days I am able to rationalize and redirect my thoughts but I was already struggling with intrusive thoughts. It was too much today, I had to teach with my camera off this morning because I couldn’t stop tears from my eyes. Things will get better, it’s just going to take a lot of time.

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Feb 10

@llovesj, that and your child needs your attention and focus. Lots of mommy hugs.

Feb 22

Hey, i've been thinking about you! Keep working on yourself, baby steps. You cannot control who forgives you and who doesn't. You can only the people that hurt you. I know you love him, I really really do know. I'm glad that he is treating you a bit better and your getting along better. Sometimes starting over as friends is a good thing. I can understand his frustration to, but you have learned from your mistake, he's not learning from his and using yours as a mind control thing. If the best you two can have right now is a good co-parenting relationship and friendship, that's okay.
Thanks for teaching the future of America! I think it takes a special kind of person to be a teacher. Peace and hugs.


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