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A thought that came to me this often do we con

A thought that came to me this often do we contribute to others not feeling like they can talk about infidelity (and other things) unwittingly? By making statements like...'If my spouse/bf/gf/etc cheated I'd do...' or other similar statements. We sound so sure and judgemental even though we don't mean for it to come off that way. Now
here I am, the one cheated on and I see how complex it truly is. So many factors come into's not as simple as 'they cheated, I'm moving on'. For me I've been with my husband long as I lived without him in my life...we have 4 kids...we have been through many hard times together. It's not something you can just 'drop'.

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May 15

@Libby4828, If I gave someone money at the gas station that was a drug addict or drunk that wanted to spend it on an addiction I wouldn't be helping them. We don't wanna enable our unfaithful partner to continue with their cheating if they want to continue cheating. So I think personally that's where I draw the line. I could literally forgive my husband such a thing if he was honest and confessed and wanted to repent of an affair. But if he wouldn't admit it, stop, or confess it, then I'd have to draw the line just like I won't give a drunk money to buy booz.

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May 15

Very true. Most people that say that have never been in that situation. There are so many factors that weigh in. You really don't know until you're in that situation how you will react. And there is nothing wrong with staying with a wayward as long as they are willing to do what they have to do to work things out along w/ you. But even when they aren't so willing and they are a holes, it's still a hard decision to make to leave someone when you've spent x amount of years w/ them and invested time and energy building what you think is a good relationship.

May 16

Yes I agree, they have to admit and accept responsibility. Mine has but I'm still struggling with it all.


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