A perfect stranger in Wal-Mart told me to 'cheer up'. I have

A perfect stranger in Wal-Mart told me to 'cheer up'. I haven't actually been 'happy' for months. I guess it shows on my face. Have you heard the phrase 'fake it till you make It' ? It's the idea that if you smile enough it will actually improve your mood. I've been giving that a try. It actually feels like it might be working, but I wonder if i look like the Joker walking around with a big fake smile on my face. :-)

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Ceciliamcd's picture
Aug 13

Fake it till you make ... something I did for so long .

devastatedinptbo's picture
Aug 14

That's been my motto for weeks now too!

Aug 15

That's what I'm doing. Putting on that fake smile and fake interest in things outside of the house. But when I get home I'm so exhausted from it all. I got 2 texts from people saying how happy I look now. People don't know i cry when I get home.


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