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Yesterday we went to the river with the neighbors. Driving o

Yesterday we went to the river with the neighbors. Driving over we had a blow up. Hubs said we need to talk because he's tired of us bickering all the time. That we always seem irritated with each and its not healthy. That he has been trying to let it go because he knowsits his fault but we need to figure out another way to get through it without the anger. I agree, but told him Its hard when I'm so mad at him. That he broke my heart and everything he does now just frustrates me. That I'm trying to get through it, but I can't really help but lash out. That he can't really complain too bad. He says he knows, but he loves me so much and we need to do whatever we can to fix us...without tearing each other's eyes out.

We spoke more and have agreed to chill out and he's going to help me through this. That he'll do whatever he can to prove that he just wants me and our life together. can I get over this without being so hostile? I love him, and what this to work.

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Jul 17

@ams87 sometimes I get so worked up I can't say what I want to . So email works better then we can discuss it in person . Plus my kids have no idea and I do not want them to ever know .

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Jul 17

@Ceciliamcd luckily our baby is only 6 months old.

Jul 17

Have you guys tried counseling?


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