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When do you delete the evidence you have of cheating spouse.


When do you delete the evidence you have of cheating spouse. I still have the GPS records of she and AP running through town. Hard to delete it. I dont look all the time but I do peak here n there maybe denial or pain or helos me keep my guard up? Not sure but not ready to delete wish I had more evidence

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eyesopen2018's picture
Sep 24

@chas188 I really don't understand what is wrong with him other than the fact that he just wants me to forget everything and move on like nothing happened. I realize that not everything can be eliminated and me saying ugh a beard (esp considering I told him to leave) is like him saying, ugh, you dyed your hair brown (or whatever) but still. oh well...

Sep 24

@eyesopen2018 funny as I was dropping our children to school I was just thinking she would just act like nothing haplened and did for 6 years they are amazing with the logic I totally get your feelings. Have a good day

Sep 25

Do not delete your proof, incase you need it for court later on


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