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Not sure why I'm having such negative thoughts about my wife


Not sure why I'm having such negative thoughts about my wife. We went on family vacation overall it was good i have stopped focusing just on the multiple affairs but I feel angry. Maybe because our marriage therapist on vacation or maybe im holding things or maybe when she talked her girlfriend out of going to see an ex boyfriend for lunch. I waa happy her girlfriend listened but sad my wife went on too many " friends lunch meetings" I dont know point is I feel like i am regressing like im on the why bother she did not care and getting angry internally that she did not think enough of our family. I am thinking about how she plotted lied did acts that put my life and health at risk. I use the 54321 method to calm myself and change focus but oh boy this battle harder than I coukd have imagined such intense feelings hurt anger sadness

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Aug 6

@Floored right with ya

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Aug 8

@NeverNumberOne my husband says the same thing but that does not make me feel any better. If he loved me he would never have went there in the first place. I completely trusted him before, not anymore. You believe someone until they give you a reason not to right?

Aug 11

When I start thinking negative of my wife - I make a decision to turn my thoughts around. Not always easy. I first will pray for God to reveal to me something good about by wife. I look for little things she does that I appreciate (even routine things). Then I tell her Thank You for being who she is and list a couple of things that she does that I appreciate. My wife and I also pray together often - we pray for our marriage. Super important to pray for our marriages! Also - seek out a Pastor or counselor who can help you. Maybe attend a Christian marriage seminar or read some inspiring relationship books. You can do this! God Bless!


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