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My boyfriend never cheated on me after he asked me out but b

My boyfriend never cheated on me after he asked me out but before he did. We were doing everything like a relationship but we were not in one until a month later. He was flirting with his ex and I found out. She always manipulated him into many things through self harm tactics and I am not sure whether he did it out of fear or just lack of love for me. He never did anything like this again and we together for more than a year but I am so incredibly insecure about how he could that to me. There was also a period of a year where he was between her and I because of her self harm tactics but I do not know if he truly loves me or is just making excuses. It makes me highly insecure.

Oct 19

Wow, that's a tough situation. He did cheat on you when you were not in a relationship, but once you were "official" he hasn't cheated on you since. And knowing that she is able to manipulate him with her self-harm tactics makes you fear he could do it again. Am I understanding this correctly?

Oct 24

Yes you are


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