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I thought I was better but now that children are in school &


I thought I was better but now that children are in school & I'm in the office more days my mind is racing. My wife works a hybrid schedule and has been checking in with me to help my brain settle but it feels weird, sad that as autumn comes I feel so down. I think this first year of fall and winter celebrations and holidays triggers a lot when last year ( and years) before and after family time she was with ap. The days (without going down the rabbit hole) are embedded in my head. I can't function at work today. I dont think / hope she is not up to " funny stuff" but now no children all day i think how she plotted and deceived me same time last year.This trauma is real . I was not always like this. Having hard time focusing almost want to call her to feel reassured but that feels embarrassing. Trust is hard to earn back dont like living in fear or needing therapy to make it through a day. Feeking angry and hurt

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Sep 16

@LOXFA001 your right old friend and this is helpful. Think for minute felt so insecure but this check in helpful feel like a piece of my manhood or just my being has been shattered helpful advice

Sep 16

She is the one who caused this so you have nothing to feel bad about.

Sep 17

Hey @chas188 hang in there brother. I agree with the rest that you don't have to apologize for these feelings. Try and forgive yourself for your feelings. Naturally there's nothing to forgive, just try to remember that and keep venting like this. I'm really impressed by your character and heart. Keep owning that, it's ok.


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