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Had a really good day today. We took the kids to a carnival

Had a really good day today. We took the kids to a carnival, i worked out, then we had a cookout with a bunch of friends. To be honest, I had some drinks and actually relaxed and had fun. Of course, once we pack it in for the night, I am hit with the reminder of why I have not drank lately. As I sit here in the spare bedroom, I can think of nothing but how today was really just a show for everyone. My marriage is nothing more than us lying to others and pretending we are ok. We are nowhere near OK. The pretending almost felt like we were together, but in reality, we are so very far apart. Feel very alone right now and really hate that this is now my life.

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Aug 12

Take one day at a time!

Aug 12

Sorry to hear about your day. It is difficult to carry on as if nothing happened or is happening between you 2. It takes a lot of courage to face the world when you feel like your dying inside. Tomorrow is a new day.


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