Doing more self reflection self care. I realized I never did

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Doing more self reflection self care. I realized I never did anything for me. Always wife children work family. Need ideas. What do others do to cope? How do you balance children your home and your cheating spouse?
I started exercise and now I will have dinner out alone at least once a month. Need ideas for self care so I dont go insane. Plus more focus on me!

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Oct 13

You are all so inspiring!!

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Oct 13

@chas188 your welcome. There are places that have discounts if you come on regular basis. But even once a month helps. I go on Groupon and look for deals.

Oct 16

I would look into Wim Hof. He got through the trauma of his wife killing herself through breathing and cold therapy. His method involves breathing, cold showers, meditating, yoga and so much more including ice baths . His method can heal physical and mental ailments. I highly recommend his methods and will try them when I’m not carrying a little human.


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