I've been with my wife for 8 years. I've had 2 affairs in th

I've been with my wife for 8 years. I've had 2 affairs in that time, each lasting about 1 year. I'm not sure our marriage will survive this one. What I've done has completely destroyed her, after having worked on recovering from the 1st affair, this one is so much worse.
I've done lots of soul searching and reading. I've come to realize I've been a cheater my entire life. I know I need some professional help now. Some aspects of Sex Addiction fit with what I do. Narcissism and Sociopath are mixed in there also.
I'm here to confess and talk openly with people who are going through the same types of things. Either from the side of the betrayer or the betrayed.
Thanks for your thoughts.

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11 hours ago

@MelindaRodriguez I want answers to those questions to. My h's affair lasted several years. Apparently they only met up a couple times a month, but I ask him how he could have lived with himself all that time, lying and cheating. He says the guilt was awful. Eating away at him, but he was stuck. The ow made it easy to continue on, and he was weak, and when he tried to break it off, she would threaten to tell me. He didn't know what to do, so just carried on until recently when he said he couldn't live with himself and the guilt anymore and finally broke it off, knowing that it might mean the end of our marriage..Not a very satisfying answers.

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3 hours ago

@ConstantStruggle My H says the same things as you have regarding your wife. I'm very happy to hear that you finally understand you're WHY was because you stopped focusing on your wife and putting her first. My H also stopped defending me to his worthless relatives. That's what caused him to stop focusing on me. I hope things will be able to finally work out for the two of you. Joe Beem has a radio show that you might enjoy. God Bless

1 hour ago

@ConstantStruggle wow thank you so much. I appreciate you taking the time to write back to me , you have no idea how much that helped. I truly hope you can over come your inner issues and find happiness again with your wife and family. I know ppl make mistakes but I wish you the best of luck


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