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I am so angry and hurt. My wife did share the letter with m


I am so angry and hurt. My wife did share the letter with me as we planned last night while I was away admitting her affair was not just last year but pretty much our whole 7 year marriage. She admitted having sex with him while we were trying to conceive our first child. She admitted having unprotected sex with him as well. She says looking back she feels it was crazy she was so sorry let me vent blame and took it. We have marriage counseling again today as planned after reading the letter and while I knew the content of the letter it hurts and angers me hearing it from her. I feel re traumatized and not sure what to do with these feelings. Not sure how to use counseling in an hour with her what is there to say. Guess she needs to fix it and we shall see? I'm emotionally drained this feels so mean. She never loved me and now I feel I have to decide if I want to be with whomever she really is. She said her defense is now gone so maybe she wont gaslight and blame me although I feel once smoke ends she will she needs lots of help crazy as it sounds I feel bad for her and dont want to abandon her GRANTED need to continue to take care of me but guess not condemn her. Maybe from a distance. This is hard because my 14 year old stays with me full time when school is out so it would mean explaining to him just feels like so much. Rt now going to prepare for our session then just chill out in hotel I'm back home tomorrow and this is going to be real tuff. Any thoughts welcome. Wow cheaters dont think of this crazy blamed me yet she had affair our whole marriage and kept it 7 years I feel like well now you got what you want. Think she realizes that now for real sad story I need a hug :(

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22 hours ago

@LOXFA001 sucks

21 hours ago

I wish you the best but you have to look after yourself and do what is best for you. If you feel you need to try and make it work then that’s fine, that’s your choice but if that’s the case then do it with open eyes. You cannot fix her. She needs to fix her.

20 hours ago

I can't help but wonder what she is sorry for...getting caught, hurting you, that her affair is over, that her marriage might be over. I never wanted to know the details about my ex cheating husbnd's affairs - didn't need the visuals in my head. Whether you go back or will be a journey.


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