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For those that did leave thier cheating partner when did you


For those that did leave thier cheating partner when did you know it was time and how did it go. Did you trial separate or just leave. Were there children Step children? We are in therapy both individual and marital and working on repair healing, & thanks to the support primarily of this group i stood up for myself my points feelings and said i love my wife and i am in this process of healing for whatever the outcome but i felt she was blame shifting even if giving validity to her feelings, she still choose to cheat. She said she hates that she dod this did it to me our family and going through motions to let me know it and say it. However I Also brought up that she openly honestly admitted she still loves her AP. Loves me too. She acknowledged it in therapy and i did not let it go. Therapist asked what she wants to do with that she said she does not know. I do appreciate the honesty which is hard to hear but basically i said i can do this process so we communicate better for sake of us our children and i love her but i choose not to have someone still "peaking through our window". This is hard its sad but i do not want to wait for a choice crazy that i still feel for her because either im falling for she really does love me too and has love for him but that justification crazy so im not sure how to do this. i plan on continuing therapy and i cant stop someone from loving another (nor should i try) in their heart but potentiak there to repeat does therapy help prevent that? So guess thought question is how have people left esp with children involved or have you STAYED even when person has feelings for AP this is very sad confusing frustrating scary all around but guess hope some good comes out of it.

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May 25

@chas188 thanks for your input but my spouse comes from a abusive home so that’s out no support from her parents..

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May 25

@Kyleah thanks for your response I will take that into consideration..

May 31

That's a difficult place to be in. In my world, I pray... I believe prayer changes things, even in relationships...


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