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So I think I have figured out my husband’s issue. He has s

So I think I have figured out my husband’s issue. He has so much shame from what he’s done and fear of me rejecting him for it, that when confronted, he begins to act crazy. When I say crazy, he acts like he either doesn’t remember and denies everything, questions what has happened in the past (did I get a new job? Did you get a new job? – both answers are yes). He gets extremely angry and aggressive towards me and mocks the fact that he is acting crazy and/or that I am intimidated by him. Then after that happens – it’s like he doesn’t even remember the episode and he is completely oblivious that he did those things. He has done this more than once and it is very disturbing. Has anyone gotten that reaction before to where the other person completely goes nuts? Was it diagnosable such as bipolar/personality disorder or is it an extreme character flaw such as lie-a-betes or a$$holism?

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Jul 24

@eyesopen2018 yes, I added you to my support list.

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Jul 25

@eyesopen2018 My Mother(now deceased 4 years) was undiagnosed, but I think she showed symptoms of NPD, BPD, AND HPD. Those diagnoses are in a “cluster” of psychiatric diagnoses and it is not uncommon for a person to have some behaviors consistent with all THREE of those disorders.

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Jul 26

@PianoPrincess56 I am so sorry about your mother. I think his mother has it too. He once told me that she couldn't pay her rent so she made up a story to the landlord that her grandson DIED. She lies all the time too and the fact that she constantly had to borrow money from us, my guess is they probably suffer from the same thing.


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