Hi everyone! Making a post again. I want everyone to feel we

Hi everyone! Making a post again. I want everyone to feel welcome here to share their stories. Whether of successful pregnancy or any other treatment they have opted for. I opted for surrogacy. Its because I have no uterus. Anyway, my experience was great. I wish everyone can get their happiness like I did. Do share your stories!

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Apr 16

Hello there!!!Lovely lady welcome here.Congrats.I am so glad for you.Dear, you have to prove that nothing is impossible.There is always some light at the end of the tunnel.Finally, you did it.Stay blessed and happy.After reading your story I could remember my own sufferings while conceiving.After all the struggles, when you have to hold the baby in your arms.It is the world happiest and great moment.

Apr 17

I went with IVF. It was because my eggs weren't getting fertile naturally. I was infertile in short. I dont mind accepting it though. IVF changed my life. I have a beautiful baby now. I am planning for baby num 2 too. Let's see how things work.

Apr 19

hey! great work. Thank you for making up this thread.
I often look over the discussion of ART procedures.
you said you had your surrogacy procedure.
could I ask you? what were the results?
was it successful?
though I am also a surrogacy person. and being on the forums for about a few days back I a quite aware of all these procedures.
but not that much that I would feel good to go.
I would love to hear all the stories that might also help me out in some way.
all the ART procedures are doing really great these days,
I am glad to be one of the individuals who never putt off the struggle and come to this valuable conclusion.
good luck to each one over here. no matter where they are in their journey.
may you get your desires soon?
prayers for each one of you,


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