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Hey there everyone! My friend's looking to decide between IV

Hey there everyone! My friend's looking to decide between IVF or surrogacy. She's having troubles conceiving naturally. If you could help her decide that'd be great. But alongside that, she's also worried what her family might think. I tell her not to worry about it too much since it's her life. But she still worries. Any solid points to help convince her family or just my friend to help her move on? TIA.

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Jun 14

Don't worry there is a good clinic in Europe. They are best in dealing with surrogacy. But please don't get her treatment from lotus clinic in Ukraine. They are very bad for performing this. I am telling you about this so you get any harm during your surrogacy treatment. Her family will be convinced when they saw her child. I wish your Freind a very good luck.

Jun 14

Hey dear! Hope so you are doing good. I think if you are young and have no health issues then you can go for IVF. But if you some problems then this could be risky. Surrogacy is also a great option. Both the methods have high success rates. I think you should also consult with your doctor regarding this and should take their opinion. I hope best will come to you

Jun 14

"Hello Jenny, I am sorry about your friend. she is suffering from a very tough situation. She is infertile and no support from family. In this condition support of friends and family is very important. In IVF process, her own egg is fertilized by her husband's sperm in a test tube. After embryo formation that will be injected into her body. Baby 100% belongs to the IP. In surrogacy, The biological material will be of IP. Only the womb will be of a surrogate. baby will have biological relation to the IP.
Bundles of prayers for your friend.


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