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Hey, everyone, I have been here on this forum listening to e

Hey, everyone, I have been here on this forum listening to everyone's stories. Thought I would share mine too. When I got married since then I and my DH have been TTC. We received a lot of BFN's and zero hope. I after 1 year of trying did visit the doctor since my AF was irregular and that was something I thought was causing a problem. The doctor gave us Provera and Clomid. I started the course still didn't get pregnant and was shattered. I was also angry at the doctors and their unwillingness to help. After 3 years of total wastage of time, I did decide to visit a specialist. She did my proper tests and told me I had high levels of FSH and low levels of AMH. At first, I didn't understand that it was almost jargon to me. Then she properly explained and told me that I had a poor ovarian reserve. I blamed my irregular AF and poor ovarian reserve on my eating disorder and lost all hope. I have come to a clinic by watching a lot of videos and am in touch with them. I hope they have a solution to my problem I know assisted conception is the only way for me to become a mother.

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Mar 27

Hey, Miranda. How are you doing? Assisted conception will definitely work for you. You have made the right decision. Good luck with that. It would be great if you keep us updated with your procedure. I'm sure you have chosen a great clinic for yourself. Do tell us about your clinic in your next post. It might help someone here who is looking for good fertility clinics.

Mar 28

@mariya_jones Even I get depressed and go through all sorts of emotions. It is indeed not easy for anyone to undergo such a difficult life. A lot of people don't realize how difficult an infertile person life is. Scientifically it has been said that the pain that the infertile person goes through is equivalent to the pain endured during infertility. As various medications and treatments are what we have to go through. I am glad I found surrogacy as an option. Otherwise, I would have shattered completely. also, just a little update we received a call from the clinic they want to retrieve the sperm so we might be heading back soon.

Mar 28

Hi there! I hope you are doing great. I know infertility keeps you away from many of the happiness of your life. The most important blessing is that you cannot have your own children. This feeling is really bad. But there are some clinics in Europe that can help you in the process of surrogacy. This would bring back all the happiness in your life. I wish the best for you.


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