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Hey all! I want more people to share their experiences with

Hey all! I want more people to share their experiences with TTC. I always am inspired by the difficulties people have faced. It gives a lot of hope. My own journey hasn't been so smooth. However, I got my little girl at the end finally so I'm happy. You all can get through it too! Please share your stories.

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Apr 17

Wow dear! so glad to learn about your good experience. Your post has really made my day. Congratulations on your little girl. Well, TTC is one of the biggest problems people are facing. Conceiving at very first attempt mostly results in failure. But with continuous struggle, one can easily conceive. Wish me best of luck too!

May 28

Thanks for sharing your post. Really agree with you that these type of posts are really an inspiration for infertile couples. They get hope from these posts. And also they get the idea from these posts. People should post this kind of posts. Life is not always same. You have to surely face problems in your life. And after problems you get happiness. As you can take the example from your post. At the start, your journey was not good. But after that, you are blessed with a baby girl. So people should stay positive. Indeed its difficult to stay positive. But we have to. So people can no more infertile in this era. They can have the baby through other treatments.

Jun 14

Let me share with you my story. I got married at 35 and starting TTC at that time. I was not facing any success so I started to see a doctor. He gave me a bunch of medications and I took them but they also were not proving to be of any use. I then went on to have and IUI which was also unsuccessful. I did not lose hope just then and applied for IVF. I had IVF twice both ending in MC after 2 months which left in a very emotional state. I found out that there was no way I could conceive my child. I was barren and infertility left in very weak and emotional. A friend of mine than suggested me to go for surrogacy. I went for surrogacy from Ukraine. Surrogacy came to me as a blessing and I was able to start my family. I am now mother of a baby girl.


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