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hello dear. I'm so happy you came up with this. so glad your

hello dear. I'm so happy you came up with this. so glad your encouraging people. how are you doing now? can you suggest a good clinic? please share more details. indeed I have heard many success stories regarding surrogacy. hope it works well. sending baby dust to all ladies. keep me updated. ill be happy to be part of your journey. more strength to you. take care. keep me updated. more strength to you.

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20 hours ago

Sorry to hear about your infertility. But everything will be okay. You have to stay strong. Surrogacy is the right option that you have chosen. Search for different clinics on the internet. You'll find plenty. Just make sure to stay away from clinics like Lotus and Adonis. They are just fooling people. Wish you best of luck. Much love.

19 hours ago

I know people are afraid of trying new things in their life. But to get something you don't have, you need to do something you haven't done. Try surrogacy, if you are infertile and want your own children. People have now made their lives easy by doing that. But do look for a good clinic, if you feel like going for it. Clinics like lotus and adios have been making things worse for the people. Their irresponsibility has made clients go away from them. So do a good research before trying any of the clinics. It will be good for you and will prevent you from many problems. Best of luck for your future.

7 hours ago

hey there! I hope you are doing great. surrogacy is an amazing thing. I am really that you are considering it. I have had surrogacy twice. you should be looking for a good clinic. because it is a very important method. wish you best of luck.


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