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I'm taking a break from fertility treatments. I might start

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I'm taking a break from fertility treatments. I might start in Sept. I'm scared to try again. I don't really want to do treatments. I wish so much I could just get pregnant on my own... I'm 34 I feel time is not on my side.

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Jul 13

Sending virtual hugs for you, sweetheart! Don't get upset at all. I can understand your feelings. I know it must not be easy for you. Going through these failed treatment breaks down a person mentally and emotionally. Be brave. Brave enough to face all this. The success of these treatments depend on the clinic you have selected. Have consulted the clinics in Ukraine? They have got a very high success rate in such treatment. Many of the patients have got positive reviews. I think you should contact a clinic there. You won't regret your decision. My sister had a surrogacy from there. She is now a blessed mom. I hope all goes according to your plan. Sending baby dust to your doorsteps.

Jul 13

Don't worry, dear. Everything will be okay. Just stay strong. Have faith in yourself. Things will be fine soon. You just have to be patient. Don't try so hard that you get tired. You should take a break. Give yourself some time. Be patient. I will pray for you. I even lost my hope at one point. But my friend built hope in me again. She recommended me to go for surrogacy. I am so glad that I listened to her. I had my treatment in Kiev. You should search for them on the web too. I have a cute little baby boy now. I am so happy. I feel so complete now. You should keep your hopes high too. All the best to you.

Jul 13

Calm down, sweetie! Stay strong. I know you had to deal with so much. Things get really hard when it comes to dealing with infertility. I will keep praying for you. I am hopeful that things will be fine. You should search for some best clinics on the web. There are good clinics in the USA too. Since I could not afford to get a treatment here, so I had to go to Ukraine. The clinics there are very affordable. Their charges are very reasonable. I am sure you'll be careful while choosing a good clinic. I had my surrogacy in Ukraine. It was a very long journey. But I am glad I chose that way. I have a son now. I am really happy with him. I am sure you will be a mom very soon too. You just have to stay strong. And keep your hopes high. Best of luck to you. Much love for you. Sending baby dust your way.


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