Incest .

A taboo subject but one that has destroyed my life !!!!! . I have been affected since (at least! 2004) . (Then consensual) and in 1999 with an attempt at what I would class as 'non consensual ' by my Uncle. It has Completely fucked up my life . I feel Completely unable to meet a man as I believe they are all sleeping with their mother's!!!!! . I don't know why people even 'commit incest'! It has to be by far THE. most brainless thing I can think of that anyone could ever possibly do!!!!! . The majority of the time I feel like the only intelligent person on this planet!!!!! .

Sep 26, 2013

sorry to hear, Uncle sometimes are bastards you should NEVER trust. Sad to say I think all my uncles are bullshit. they are not incest but they are no father figure, well except for one. He is actually a humble family man, the rest are crap.


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