Hi everyone. Newbie here. Incest survivor...biological fath

Hi everyone. Newbie here. Incest survivor...biological father.
I am 55 years old. I want to feel normal. I want to hate my father. I am simply existing. I go to work I go home.

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Oct 16

Hello and wow you are most certainly a survivor. I have not endured incest but other types of sexual abuse . that seems to always be undermining any confidence at all including isolating depression. Recently, I knew I had to go back to therapy and deal with the anger that permeates my every breath. I'm sorry you are dealing with such devastation. You posted here and that is a positive start to do something for YOU.

Oct 16

I also just decided to go back to therapy. I'm just numb but my mind is constantly thinking about stuff.

Nov 14

I know the feeling. I was subjected to incest by my biological father, too. I'm 34. I'm a motuer of 2 and a wife and "have it all" but I can't enjoy ANY of it. I struggle to feel anything at all. I'm in therapy. I have dissociative coping mechanisms I'm trying to work through. I struggle with intense self-loathing, it's hard to break. I'm trying...


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