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What do you do when a thew people spread deceitful rumours a

What do you do when a thew people spread deceitful rumours about you to the thew friends you have to put them completely off you when you haven’t done anything to them so there’s no personal grudge they just think it’s funny to tell everyone I tried to kill myself and I cut myself and I’m insane. Once you plant stuff like that no one wants to go near you I have severe ptsd and very lonely sad man

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Itsaprocess's picture
May 18

Those are not friends. Those are people who hate themselves so much they have to put others below them.

Zach94's picture
May 18

@NCMom thanks, I don’t have much family they all left when I told mum about the child abuse so it’s just me and her.

May 19

@Zach94 At least u have your Mum. Child abuse, too?
What can you do (or have u done) for therapy? Here is a good place and we care and are here for you...therapy is better.
I hope u can get support.... are u religious? a good church can be the best step to take to connect with caring people. But this coronavirus pandemic is awful right now.

Pls know that when the time is right you can get out and meet new people. Idk about online stuff...if u have an interest (ex. photography) there could be online Facebook groups or something. I’m soooo low tech lol

Maybe u can learn something new, like how to cook or bake, during this pandemic?

Pls know we at SG care and are here for u.


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