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I had a total hysterectomy on 8/5. I'm dealing with some stu

I had a total hysterectomy on 8/5. I'm dealing with some stuff I wasnt prepared for. Things like I slept for way more than I was awake for a couple days. Now, sleep has been eluding me for 2 days straight. I felt like complete death day 3-5 and today I feel great. I am still dealing with a little residual physical pain, but mostly just small aches and pains in my pelvis (specifically my left lower, my left ovary was removed, right remains). No fever, but hot flashes and cold snaps have ensued. Normal? I've been through chemically induced menopause once to control endometriosis, but it was WAY different than this.

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Aug 15

i am so very sorry. hopefully you are still feeling great?

Aug 15

Hello Robin, I had a total hysterectomy on 7/26. I am experiencing the same symptoms. I recommend melatonin. It’s all natural. You can have someone get it at rite aide. Are you having a lot of pain? My pain is unbearable.


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