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Hey, I'm 37 and just had a hysterectomy. No kids, and I'm ok

Hey, I'm 37 and just had a hysterectomy. No kids, and I'm okay with that - I had a tubal ligation 11 years ago and no regrets. But I'm feeling depressed, and have a history of mental illness. Am bringing it up with my therapist. He's great, but he's he and, well, even though he's the best therapist for me just can't relate ever for obvious reasons. It's really rough - I'm having crying jags all the time, I'm either completely starving or food is disgusting, and sleeping isn't easy either. Also tired all the time. I'm on leave from work for another week, which doesn't help the isolation and loneliness. Anyone else know where I'm coming from?

Feb 15

I had a hysterectomy 3 years ago at age 47. It really does kind of mess you up with emotions and moods. You're going through a lot. I struggle with anxiety and depression and I think the surgery is especially hard to bounce back from. Sleep when you are tired, it's ok. And know that you will eventually feel like yourself again, it takes time.

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Feb 19

@GingerTimelady ....perfectly normal. More so if you also had your ovaries removed. ? ...kudos to your therapist, if you find the right one, they can be an awesome help, but of course, males aren't going to understand completely. I am a year (on Wed!) out from having my hysterectomy and I had my ovaries removed also. Regardless if you did or didn't, your hormones are still going to be a mess, which will also had to depression issues. What usually helps me the most is getting at least 20 min outside a day. And sometimes it takes everything I have to get myself up and out the door. Even if it's just walking to the mailbox, getting something out of the car, etc make it happen! While you're out there do some deep breathing exercises. Really get that fresh air into your lungs. If you are able to walk a little or as much as you are able. This also helps with the physical recovery after surgery. Don't push it, but the longer your muscles lie around and do nothing, the more stiff and sore they will be. I found exercise, meditation (mine is praying and my devotions), and finding a routine...projects to keep me busy, key during recovery. Also esstential oils and vitamins have been a great help to me with both depression and anxiety. I seek out all-natural remedies first, but even I need a little extra help with my SAD (seasonal depression) and there's nothing to be ashamed of if you need a little help from meds. I would suggest a rescue one, less side effects. I hope some of this helps. And really try the 20 min, what can it hurt right?? Hope your days get easier soon!

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