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I need your help! I am 19 year old female. The past few yea

I need your help!
I am 19 year old female. The past few years I have been struggling quite a lot with my health and the way I’ve been feeling. I am currently diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. Here are a few of my symptoms: fatigue (of course), gained over 50+lbs went from being 115 in grade 9 to now 180, lactation presenting due to high prolactin levels, throat tightness, constant racing heart and dizziness, shortness of breath and exhaustion, just never feel right. I tried Synthroid 25 and got off it after 2 days due to severe chest pain.
Does anyone know how to read blood work? All of my stuff is out of whack.. I need help. Please help me! I feel so lost and depressed..

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Jan 13

Have you been tested for any other autoimmune diseases? I was feeling just like you before I got diagnosed with Hashmoto's it too awhile for them to get me at the right does to feel better. I still have some symptoms and just seem to have to deal with them. I do try natural things too. xo


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