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So GUYS getting rid of warts IS POSSIBLE and I am proof. I h

So GUYS getting rid of warts IS POSSIBLE and I am proof. I have HPV, and I have two or maybe three different areas of my penis that contracted warts. Just recently I went bought freeze off. The warts in mention were right on the top of my shaft. So I did three days of freezing. Then followed by 3 days of keeping my penis wrapped in duck tape. (just the are where the warts were) and last night I took the tape off and i was able to peel/scratch away the skin where the warts were. It kind of hurts right now, raw skin feeling, but I put a bandaid over the area to ease the pain. Now it looks like they are almost completely GONE! Ive got a few days to wait with airing out and such, but I will take a little bit of pain over warts ANYDAY of my life! Theres still a red mark, from the freezing I believe, and still a small amount of pain, but nothing crazy, and I feel like it looks soo different that its almost gone now. I will keep my status updated, but please guys, DO NOT GIVE UP!! 3 days freezing once per day, 3 days covered with duck tape 24 hours a day. Im soo happy im ready to start working on the bottom of the shaft now very soon. Just keep in mind, I shall never hide this from a woman, and even if they disappear, the HPV prolly never will. Please dont hide it from a woman and get her infected. Because thats basically how we all got infected, lets try to stop this sh*t from spreading!!

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Apr 14

Hmm... Freeze off! Never heard of it, but thanks for the idea!

Apr 16

yeah its really only made for common or plantar warts, but I used it anyway, and still to this day no downfalls. im not feeling any pain nomore, just still a little red spot in the area. If you try this remember that theres a limit on how long you can hold the tip of the freeze off to the area your trying to fix. Me i did like 10-15 seconds a couple times each day. You dont want to freeze the skin so bad it burns off. And then the duck tape. Duck tape is like a miracle drug for warts. It removed 3 from 3 different fingers when I was younger. Just kept wrapped in duck tape for like a week. Thanks for reading my posts bud, I hope I can bring someone some ray of hope! :-)

May 1

@ryan21racing I bought some lol. Haven't used it used after reading it, the instructions after pretty clear not to use it there... I'm a girl so this duck tape idea won't work lol. I only have one tiny one now, my Dr. Removed a few a little while ago. It's just annoying and time consuming to keep having to go back to the doctor's office


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