So can I not have sex or even kiss anyone now or something?


So can I not have sex or even kiss anyone now or something? Like how does this work? I'm 21 year's old and I've got a very high sex drive and suffer depression, if I can't have sex or interact with females it's going to drag me down, is it safe to have sex when the infection has cleared? Like how does this work? Surely I can't infect someone by just touching them ....if there is no way around if then what am I supposed to do? Live a sheltered life? Aaagh

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Jun 21

@lauralo1001 yeah hopefully u have been vaccinated against the other nastys :) one of my scabs have just fell off after cyro and it's as if nothing was ever there! However others have popped up but I was aware this would happen. I'm setting a end date of June 2019 and anything prior is a bonus. 2 years is nothing in the grand scheme of things if I will be eventually "cured". That's a challenge for me rid it before 2 years! :)

Jun 21

@Cityboy your realistic optimism is admirable :) I hope you're successful in much less time!

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Jul 19

It is a challenge for anyone having an STD such as HPV. Many people with HPV lead a healthy and a satisfying sex life. Most HPV infections will clear themselves from the body if the immune system is strong. If you want to attain a satisfying sex life make sure you're not beating yourself up over your diagnosis. Remember that having HPV doesn't indicate anything about your sexual behavior. A great sex life after HPV is definitely possible, but you need to feel you deserve it. Look after your general health, reach out for support, and find out information. You can try natural herbs such as Hypericin, Astragalus, Monolaurine, Echinacea, for boosting up your immune system.


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