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Question for you all. So my last cryo to remove warts was in


Question for you all. So my last cryo to remove warts was in October of 2017. Since then I have been (God bless) wart free. However, I still have weird itching and tingling sensations where the majority of the warts were. Before the wart outbreak I had a HUGE itching sensation everywhere down below. As the cryo went on the itching/prickling went down...but I still have one small area of itching/prickling. I went to my gyno and she didn't really see anything. Have you all experienced anything like this especially those of you that do not have visible warts after treatment? I can live with this, it just scares me.

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Mar 17

I would guess this has to do more with the body’s immune response. Things can get a little hyperactive as the body attempts to heal itself.

Mar 17

Thanks for replying. I guess that’s my body way of dealing/fighting the virus? I don’t have visible warts yet but was assulted last oct, so warts may still be coming. It’s so hard to know and everyone is diff. I’ve heard people say they itched for months before getting warts and then others like you who didn’t itch and then just got them. I think I may have flat lesions or something but no doc will do further testing for me and no doc is testing for what strain I actually have. How do people get tested for what strains they have? Does anyone know? Thanks

Mar 18

You’ve just got to get over the mental hurdle. It will wear you down if you let it. If you have to signs of the virus, it’s really not worth losing sleep over it.


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