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Ok so I was under the name losingeveything29. Lost my passwo

Ok so I was under the name losingeveything29. Lost my password ☹️. But I want everyone to know I decided to use myself as a guinea pig. With a lot of research and one good support a doctor. I started taking the supplement ahcc. After two weeks of taking four pills a day my warts are gone. I have one small wart left and I am continuing taking the ahcc what it does is it boost your immune system and helps you fight off HPV if it continues to work I will let you all know I have my next appointment in September hoping for good results!

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@spicytunarolls I'm using Quality of Life AHCC suplment and it seems to work well. I got it off Amazon. It's little pricey

Jul 1

I was just diagnosed and was reading about this. Has mushroom in it. Going to ask my doctor after I get my anal warts removed :(


So I did try and ask 2 of my Doctor my normal gynecologist am I just normal doctor neither one of them could really tell me anything about it so when I went and seen the oncology specialists is when I got a doctor to actually open up and talk to me about it she thought it was a wonderful idea


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