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New to the group, so if there is a thread about this already

New to the group, so if there is a thread about this already, please point me to it. Thanks.

I'm wondering what others opinions are on treatments for GW. I've been dealing with these for a few years now. I typically get them treated by freezing them by my doctor. However, these still come back. Have tried other topical solutions (Aldara and Condylox), but they burn the skin to much or you have to be extremely careful to only apply the solution to the area and it is difficult to do that. So I found this group and wanted to see if anyone else could share what might be working. Thanks!

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Sep 10

@JustMeForNow I just tried to reply but it’s not showing up so I’m going to write again. If you see it twice I apologize. But I got acid treatment when I had mine and it worked well I think. They went away fairly quick and painlessly. I don’t know how long apart your outbreaks are but mine haven’t come back in 6 months after my last treatment.

Sep 15

@Daleeba An acid treatment? Sounds painful. Did you get that from your doctor?

Sep 16

It really wasn’t painful at all. It sort of stung but not really, I’m not sure how to explain it but it was not bad. And yes I would make appointments and my dr would apply it and it worked well in my opinion and experience.


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