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Just got diagnosed with HPV type 6..... I know it's low risk

Just got diagnosed with HPV type 6..... I know it's low risk and could be much worse but I am still worried mainly so about having to explain this to someone...

Will this ever completely go away? I'm 24 and I am not getting any younger lol I was hoping to venture out and start dating again after 2 years but now that I found this out I feel like I'm isolating myself even more.

I have few tiny warts around down there and getting trichloroatic acid treatments.

Does anyone know how effective this treatment is? It's been a week since my first treatment and I go back in another week and half for my next, it still burns and sometimes spots when I pee because of the burn from the treatment... this is so miserable. I feel so gross y'all.

Anyone else no if this can go away for good? Like if I get tested can it ever come back negative?

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Mar 9

@emmafowler yeah I pretty much typically lead a much greener- part vegetarian lifestyle, I'll have meats here and there RARELY and I do get my proper proteins and vitas. However, I do smoke. I know smoking is a risk factor for all of this.... I am trying so hard to quit for sure. If your a smoker you'll understand more but i have significantly limited my amount since even tho it probably doesn't make a difference but it is something I'm trying to ween off of.

Mar 12

Try to quit smoking. Smoking feeds the HPV to stay alive and active and causes warts to grow and return. It also causes the disease to turn in to cancer eventually. Hope that you'll be fine and good luck.

Mar 13

I am trying, like I said I have decreased. I know it isn't healthy. Quitting has been hard af..... please keep fingers crossed for me!!!! And thank you.


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