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Just a quick one for any of the guys suffering with GW who h

Just a quick one for any of the guys suffering with GW who have had any luck with ACV? how do you apply it? ive read about taping a ball of cotton soaked in it and leaving overnight however (and I do apoligize for this lol) being young and still hormones raging I tend to wake up erect and everything has shifted down there and tape no longer stuck on properly. lol any tips

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Feb 5, 2018

I found ACV to reduce the size of my warts but have no real effect. Cryotherapy is definitely the most effective! From what I remember, you're in the UK so find your nearest GUM clinic (some of them have the option of booking an appointment which I would recommend to avoid long waits) and when you see the doctor make sure you mention cryotherapy and they're likely to treat your warts for you and give you aldara. I now have cryotherapy once a week, apply aldara three days a week and apply ACV on the days when I'm not using aldara. I'm in the second week of this routine and the results have been phenomenal! It's been 9 months since I first had my warts so i was beginning to lose hope but I feel this method is very promising as one of my warts have already fallen off and the others are shrinking

Feb 5, 2018

I've had some luck with ACV but became difficult to "attach" a cotton swap to some of the areas and I would allow other areas to completely heal to help with the pain. I recently met someone and have been hitting it off but this issue was always in the back of my mind making me depressed and discouraged. I just came out and told my lady friend and things have pretty much ended, I'm depressed and ashamed for myself. After reading only of testimonies of TCA I ordered some off amazon and will arrive tomorrow. From what i have read it takes only a couple days and no over night "soaks". So at this point I'm desperate to get rid of my little issues and present it back to he girl. Long shot but still hopeful! I will report back with my experiment in a few days.

Feb 14, 2018

@Lou213 This reads like spam


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