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I'm in awe from the amount of support on this site. Truly in

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I'm in awe from the amount of support on this site. Truly inspiring as an artist. It's been a few days since my diagnosis but you know, it's given me a different perspective in life and in creation. Typically we tend to see the negative aspects of things that affect us, but we fail to see the good. I can see now that the people I choose to date if they are going to be worth my time or not. I can see clearly now on what I was blinded before.
The world isn't over.
Our minds and soul will not change.
We won't give up.

Just spreading positivity to those who need it. :)

Oct 12

I couldn't agree more. We may have HPV, which is a total bummer, but most of us have both eyes, two hands, and capable bodies. Loving families and friends. Those are the things I choose to focus on.

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Oct 12

We are so glad to have you here with us ASH. Life is not over at all for you. Stay strong my friend xo


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